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This mixin allows you to have more control about the way resources and containers are managed. When a container is setup using this mixin, all API calls will redirect to the service. The service can also be called directly by other services.

Warning: If you create a container this way, you should not add it to the containers settings of the LDP service.


const { ControlledContainerMixin } = require('@semapps/ldp');

module.exports = {
name: 'users',
mixins: [ControlledContainerMixin],
settings: {
path: '/users',
acceptedTypes: ['foaf:Person'],
// Other container options
actions: {


All container options are accepted.


This mixin automatically configure CRUD actions (see below). You can call them directly, or overwrite them.

  • The post and list actions redirect to the LdpContainerService unless they are set. When called directly, it will automatically guess the containerUri param if it is not set.

  • The get, create, patch, put and delete actions redirect to the LdpResourceService unless they are set.

You can also use Moleculer action hooks if you want to do something before or after each action call.