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This service allows you to easily configure standard SemApps services. It is offered as a convenience, but you can still create them individually.



$ yarn add @semapps/core


const path = require('path');
const { CoreService } = require('@semapps/core');

module.exports = {
mixins: [CoreService],
settings: {
baseUrl: 'http://localhost:3000/',
baseDir: path.resolve(__dirname, '..'),
triplestore: {
url: 'http://localhost:3030/',
user: 'admin',
password: 'admin',
mainDataset: 'localData'
containers: [], // See the LdpService docs for the expected format
ontologies: [] // If you use custom ontologies, you can add it here

Additionally, you can pass custom configurations to the sub-services by using their name as a key (activitypub, ldp, etc.). If you do not wish not to instantiate a particular service, you can pass false.

Setup the WebAclMiddleware

Unless you disable the WebAclService, you will need to setup the WebAclMiddleware in your moleculer.config.js file.

Please see the WebAclService documentation for more information.