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An instance-level ActivityPub actor. Used by the InferenceService and the SynchronizerService.


const { RelayService } = require('@semapps/activitypub');

module.exports = {
mixins: [RelayService],
settings: {
actor: {
username: 'relay',
name: 'Relay actor for instance'

You must also make sure that your server has a container that accepts Application type. This service will create an ActivityPub actor there, with the name relay. You could put the actor in the /users container, or in a dedicated /bots container.

const containers = [{
path: '/users',
acceptedTypes: ['pair:Person', 'Application'], // The Application type is important
blankNodes: ['sec:publicKey'],
excludeFromMirror: true

You also most probably want to use the option excludeFromMirror: true. It will hide prevent this container from being mirrored.


The following service actions are available:


Get the Relay ActivityPub actor


The full data of the Relay actor.