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Contribute to the SemApps core

As a developer, you can choose to use SemApps as a library for your own project, in which case the guides will be your best friend.

On the other hand, if you want to contribute to the core of SemApps, this page is for you.

Launch the stack locally#

In a few commands, you can launch the full SemApps stack with:

  • Middleware
  • Frontend (DMS)
  • A Jena Fuseki instance

First time#

You will need to install:

Then you can do:

git clone
cd semapps
make init
make build
make start


make log


make stop

Getting data#

If you want to have some semantic data to start experimenting, please contact us.

Getting help#

Our Riot/Matrix chatroom is the main entry point for all people who want to contribute.