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You'll find here as much as possible details about our project, who we are and how we work.

SemApps is a Free Software who aim to maintain and distribute a knowledge graph using is own vocabulary.

SemApps offer:

  • presentation/navigation/filtering/viewing functionalities for Internet users;
  • data creation/editing functionalities;
  • data acquisition/integration/utilization capabilities available in the web of data (especially data from other instances of SemApps);
  • Raw data distribution capabilities in the format and protocol models of the Semantic Web;

A typical use case of SemApps is the description of a community of actors, resources, projects and initiatives.

The application code and its technical documentation are available on GitHub .
The contribution modalities are documented in the Code.

SemApps is a project host by : l'Assemblée Virtuelle

Informations pratiques

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